Private Dining – UNA at The Adria



Hosted by renowned chef Martin Milesi, The UNA at The Adria private dining experience builds on the acclaimed one-table concept of his main venue, UNA. It’s a celebration of Martin’s decade-long journey at the forefront of immersive gastronomy. Each dining event is not merely a meal, but a transformative experience that deepens the connection between diners and their food through carefully crafted tasting menus known for their aesthetic brilliance and narrative depth.

At UNA at The Adria, every dish is a dialogue, every flavor a memory. Martin Milesi’s ethos—a harmonious blend of gastronomy, creativity, and innovation—guides this experience, making it a must-attend for those who cherish the theatrical in their culinary adventures. Prepare to be part of a unique convergence where the boundaries of traditional dining are not only pushed but completely reimagined.

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